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Equity Release for Home Improvements

It can be frustrating to have so much money tied up in a home that isn’t quite perfect for you. Would a new kitchen add lease of life? Perhaps adding a conservatory – or just giving an overall refresh to make you fall in love with your space again?

An enormous amount of people choose to use equity release to do just that – making home improvements that make their time at home more comfortable and enjoyable.

A real-life home makeover

Gary and Elaine decided to release the equity from their home in 2015 and start making some much needed improvements.

“We’d moved a few years previously – after the kids had left home, but we never really got around to putting the finishing touches on the place.”

“We really wanted to have the windows done, I knew the old ones were costing us money through heating costs – but I also knew it was beyond what we could afford with our pensions and part-time work.”

Gary and Elaine met with an advisor who took them through a series of possible plans that would suit them. Including details of how their right to stay in their home would be protected.

“We worried that we’d be spending money on a house that we’d no longer feel secure in – but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re fully protected and plan to spend a long time here now we’ve got the place looking so good!”

Gary and Elaine’s plan meets with Equity Release Council approval, meaning they have a protected right to stay in their home, despite releasing their equity.

“It’s been wonderful to know that we’ve got the funds in the bank to be a bit more flexible financially. We even booked a week away so we could come back to a house with new windows! It’s nice to have a house with no maintenance worries as we get a little older.”

Studies have shown that equity release for home improvements is by far the most popular choice for why people choose to release equity from their property. (currently at 63% when accounting for all other reasons such as travel, debt, new purchase etc)

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Equity release – the facts

It’s important that you fully understand equity release before committing to a plan. It’s also important that you consider all your choices – people sometimes choose to downsize their home or access savings rather than release equity.

We recommend plans that meet Equity Release Council approval – meaning you benefit from guarantees around the right to stay in your home and are protected against negative equity.

Equity release can change the value of your estate and can therefore affect entitlement to means-tested benefits.

The most popular kind of equity release is a lifetime mortgage; a loan secured against your home which typically has no monthly repayment. Instead, the loan accrues interest – and is repaid when your plan ends.

What’s right for you?

If you’d like to release some funds to make some improvements to your home, get in touch and see how we can help. We promise no jargon or pressure – just a friendly discussion about your situation and details of plans that might suit you. Click here or call us on 0333 360 1958 and take the first steps toward having the perfect home for you.


Why You should always choose a product from a lender approved by the Equity Release Council

Guarantee 1

equity release council logo approved You have the Right to Remain in your Home for as long as you choose

Guarantee 2

equity release council logo approved You will NEVER owe more than the value of your home due to the "no negative equity" guarantee.

Guarantee 3

equity release council logo approved You have the freedom to move to another property without financial penalty (subject to provider criteria)

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